Thursday, August 6, 2009

El Dia de los Grasshoppers Muertos

The other day I was walking by one of my Japanese maples, and noticed that the upper leaves had been STRIPPED from the branches almost overnight.

Looking closely, I saw huge, eeeevil grasshoppers, over 12 of them, straddling the branches. Now, I'm not a big proponent of broadly spraying my yard for insects. I like to give everybody a fair chance and let Mother Nature balance things out. But, in my ANGER, I knew something HAD TO BE DONE.

I quickly hooked my hose up to a bottle of Triazicide and let her rip. I not only sprayed my Japanese maple, but all bushes and flowers in my front yard. You should have seen the number of hoppers that leapt out of those plants.

It was a freakin' circus.

They started dropping and writhing. Look at their mangled, dijointed bodies.
Deanna said we should get a bowl of ice cream and sit down on the porch to watch the show.

Some took several minutes to die.

And then...silence of the grasshoppers.


angela said...

that is awesome!! you should have invited people over for that!

Lacie said...

hahaha I love this story...I love that you took pictures! I am a big fan of spraying should I not be?

Ace said...


Is is for this reason alone that every family should have a "Bum."

She is sure to find (and catch) every grasshopper for miles around. Then she loves them to pieces...quite literally. Which seems to work out for all of us. Well, maybe not the grasshoppers--but I figure their fate is sealed either way, seeing as how we live across from a field that is widely patrolled by flocks of ravenous seagulls.

Who knew you were so fluent in espaƱol?!

Really Liz, your broad range of talent never ceases to amaze me.