Saturday, December 13, 2008

And it's not even noon yet...

What a day I've had...

There are 16 days till Christmas, and fate has handed me

12 frustrated hours
11 freak outs
10 hundred toys to clean up
9 requests for food
8 outfit changes by Meg
7 trips to the bathroom for E-train
6 nasty diapers
5 minutes to write this post
4 more freak outs
3 chauffeur trips
2 tubby times
1 boy who stayed home from school

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ally's Letter

Ally recently wrote a letter in school to send to a serviceman for Christmas.

Dear Soldier,

I hope you like my note, the stocking I colored, the bookmark and everything else! How is it going down there? Thank you for all you do. You probably don't know me, but that's all right.

I am so grateful that you are fighting for our country!

Be careful and watch your back!

Do you like being in the war? You made a great choice to serve our country!
Merry Christmas and good luck.