Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sometimes I Surprise Myself

Once in a while I do something that is so not "me" that it makes me laugh out loud...

-Last night I went to spinning class. Ha ha, I never exercise! I laughed to myself all the way there. If Lacie hadn't said, "you're going" I probably wouldn't have done it. To sum up my experience, my bum hurts. It hurts in a different way than it has ever hurt before. But I'm totally going again next Tuesday.

-In March, I was a hostess for a contestant in the Miss Springville Pageant. I laughed so hard when I told my friend, yes, I would be a hostess. I was getting ready to say no in a nice way when a "yes" popped out.

Now, pageantry has always been something I scoffed at because deep inside I think it is scary. "I would never!!!" - I've said this more than once regarding pageants.

Well, as you can see, my girl Cathy totally won. She rocks on the piano. She is lovely and graceful and a freakin' genius. She didn't need help with her hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc. which is a good, good thing. (If you didn't know, I suffer in those areas.) So despite my lack of helpfulness, she was crowned Miss Springville/Mapleton for 2009-2010. I felt very proud.
You see that necklace she is wearing? I did clasp that for her. Even lovely freakin' geniuses need help clasping their necklaces when they are in a hurry.

-I'm really trying to think of another example of how I surprise myself. I got nothin'. That is really sad.