Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Other Blog

I have another blog! It has pictures of some of my favorite plants that grow well in our area. The address is I know I have a lot of gardening friends that will like this!

It was late

My last post was written late at night. Sorry, it's kind of silly. I guess I carry a lot of anger toward those darn Liberals.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bean Towers part II

Even George Washington had bean towers.

Josh and I toured Mt. Vernon this summer and spent time wandering through the beautiful gardens there. The bean towers in the vegetable garden reminded me of my bean tower at home. And that made me wonder, isn't life like a bean tower?

But you know, George wasn't living a very "green" life. Look at his towers! They are made out of tree trunks. Those trees are probably some hardwood species and are not a sustainable material like bamboo. I mean, really, is that being responsible? As much as I admire George Washington, I can't help but wonder why he didn't send away for bamboo. Which choice would leave the larger global footprint? I'll leave that for you to decide.

In reality, I think that global warming is just the latest religion of the Hollywoodites. It's a farce. We don't have enough data to know if this warming trend is just a typical phase of the earth's atmospheric cycles or not. People need to get real and stop relying on sketchy scientific interpretation of data. Just the fact that Al Gore believes in global warming makes it all the more stupid. If people believe everything "scientists" say, they should believe me. Technically, I'm a scientist. My data leads me to conclude that it was unseasonably cold this August. I was shivering at my family reunion in Sandy on August 8th. Ha. There. I've had my say.

Bean Towers

This spring I became enchanted with the idea of pole bean towers. I made one out of bamboo poles and twine. (I even used a power drill to make holes.) I then buried the ends in the garden soil and planted 6-7 Kentucky pole bean seeds at the base of each post.

Honestly, isn't that quaint? I love it. I think that everyone should have one.