Friday, June 5, 2009

My Grandparents

I have a sweet little story to share.

I was visiting with my grandma, and she told me something that I find endearing. When my grandpa picked her up for their first date, he had a cast on his arm. I guess he had recently broken his arm and she hadn't known about it. Anyway, he said to her,

"Just because my arm is broken,
I don't want you taking advantage of me."

And she thought to herself, "Who is this character?"

She shared with me that she just kept "going" with my grandpa after that because he was always joking around. He was fun, not serious like those other boys. To this day, he still teases her and jokes around all the time.

Right now she is in a rehab center, healing her broken pelvis. He comes to sit with her for hours everyday. She is 82 and he is 88 years old. He doesn't want her to be alone, so after he leaves, someone in the family comes to sit with her during the evening. I've been so lucky as to get to sit with her for a few evenings. She is truly a "lady" in all senses of the word. She must hate being there, but she never complains.


Lacie said...

What a cute little story!! I love when you post!

Kim and Tyler said...

I didn't know you had a blog! We'll know your secret is out! I'm adding you to mine!

This was such a touching story. Be greatful for those moments you get to spend with your sweet grandmother.Time goes way to fast.I'm so glad you get that time w her Maybe she can teach me how to be a lady!! Thats where you get it from!!